Aerospace & Defense

Eighty percent of the world's top ten aerospace and defense companies choose LRQA for certification.

  • As an organization operating within the Aerospace & Defense industry what key challenges are you facing?
  • Increased globalization of supply with multiple tiered suppliers?
  • A need and desire for continuous improvement in your management systems?
  • Increased requirements and expectations to tackle global emissions management?
  • Challenging economy that requires you to streamline your processes to increase efficiencies and reduce costs?
  • An increased need for data and information security? 

With an unstable economy and unpredictable marketplace, you’re looking for solutions to help you manage these challenges, and LRQA can help.

As a market leader in the provision of Business Assurance service throughout the Aerospace industry, we understand the challenges you face and our experts are prepared to assist you in managing your risks as you meet these challenges. 

For decades, we’ve provided trusted independent assessment, certification and training services to the aerospace industry, and our clients are among the largest names within the sector.

LRQA assessors are aerospace engineers and industry specialists who are matched with your business needs, enabling an effective and robust audit of your system.

As an organization who understands the aerospace industry, we offer a range of Business Assurance solutions to help meet your needs: