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ARB Verification

The California Air Resources Board, also referred to as CARB or ARB, is the agency responsible for air quality in the California state government.

If your company or facility is required to have to your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions verified under the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32), LRQA can help with our accredited ARB verification services.

As one of the first verification bodies accredited by the California Air Resource Board, LRQA is a recognized verifier for the ARB mandatory greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reporting program, and we continue to be one of the most active verification bodies under the ARB program.

When you choose LRQA, you’re choosing ARB lead verifiers who hold sector-specific accreditation for all ARB sectors including general stationary combustion, natural gas and electricity transactions, oil and gas systems, and process emissions.

Benefits of working with LRQA

Business Assurance – our focus is delivering verification services that ultimately help your business reduce their reputational and regulatory risks.

Technical Expertise and Experience – we’re one of the longest-standing accredited greenhouse gas verification bodies in the United States, and as an international leader in voluntary mandatory markets, we consistently verify over 300 million metric tonnes of GHG emissions each year.

Thought leadership -- we’re a leading contributor to the development of environmental and climate change standards around the world, including the TCR Electric Power Sector Protocol, ISO 14001 and the Voluntary Carbon Standard, and we’re dedicated to sharing the knowledge gained from our experience in this area

Acting with Integrity – our strict conflict of interest and quality control procedures ensure that the verification services we provide are fair, accurate, impartial, and stand up to close scrutiny.

Help Beyond CARB Verification – if your company is also reporting emissions to a voluntary program such as the CDP (formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Program), is subject to international regulations, or you’re interested in emissions reduction projects, ISO 14064 or TCR verification, LRQA can help.

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