Food Safety standards and schemes

LRQA has worked extensively across the food sector for over two decades, assisting with the development, formalization and improvement of food safety standard.

Our food safety experts serve as active members of the world's leading food safety technical committees, including the ISO 22000 Technical Committee, the European Accreditation Board's Food Committee, the Foundation for Food Safety Certification, and the Global Food Safety Initiative's (GFSI) Technical Committee.

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BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 8

The BRC Global Standard for Food Safety was first published in 1998 and released on August 1, 2018 in its 8th issue. The standard provides a framework to manage product safety, integrity, legality and quality for the food manufacturing, processing and packing industry.

BRC Global Standards

BRC Global Standards and Schemes are used by suppliers and global retailers. They facilitate standardization of quality, safety, operational criteria and manufacturers’ fulfillment of legal obligations. They also help provide protection to the consumer.

DNA1 Consumer Assurance

DNA1 consumer assurance from Lloyd's Register and Clear Labs delivers protection for your brand and your consumers.

Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Services

The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law by President Obama on January 4, 2011. It aims to ensure the U.S. food supply is safe by shifting the focus of federal regulators from responding to contamination to preventing it.

Foreign Supplier Verification Service to Support FSMA requirements

The US FDA issued FSMA Final Rule on Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP) for Importers of Food for Human and Animals is now final. For the purposes of FSVP, an importer is the U.S. owner or consignee of a food offered for import into the United States. How are you ensuring your suppliers are in compliance? LRQA’s foreign supplier verification services can evaluate hazard- and risk specific criteria.

FSMA Accredited Foreign Supplier Facility Certification

To support this requirement, the FDA FSMA rule on Accredited Third-Party Certification has been finalized, and the program is now open for participation. The rule establishes a voluntary program for the accreditation of third-party certification bodies, like Lloyd’s Register (LR), to conduct food safety audits and issue certifications of foreign entities, including farms, and the foods for humans and animals they produce section 806(d) of FSMA. LR is working towards FDA-recognized accreditation to deliver food safety audits and Accredited Third-Party Certification under FSMA.