ISO 28000 supply chain security

A critical resource for managing supply chain security needs.

Nearly all organizations rely in some way or another on supply chains to ensure business continuity, and they are vulnerable if supplies are interrupted.

The ISO 28000 supply chain security management standard provides a valuable framework for the organization of security risk identification, the implementation of controls, and objectives for continually improving security management performance and, ultimately, facilitating the expeditious movement of goods in the supply chain.

ISO 28000 certification by LRQA demonstrates your commitment to supply chain security.

ISO 28000 is a management system specification which provides, for the first time, a framework for all sizes and types of organizations that operate or rely on any aspect of the supply chain. Compatible with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ISO 28000 is designed to aid the integration of quality, environmental and supply chain security management systems within an organization.

It is compatible with an complements other Governmental and International Customs Agency security initiatives including:

  • World Customs Organization’s Framework of Standards for supply chain security and facilitation (WCO)
  • EC Regulation for Enhancing Supply Chain Security – Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)
  • US customs and Border Protection Initiative – Customs Trade Partnership against Terrorism (C-PAT)

Over half of the world’s top 200 companies choose LRQA for certification.

ISO 28000 certification by LRQA can help reduce your risk of supply chain security threats and weakness.

Certification to ISO 28000 helps create a systematic framework in which organizations manage supply chain risks and drive continual improvement.  This provides a competitive advantage for your organization because it:

can help all sectors of industry assess security risks, implement controls and make arrangements to mitigate or manage threats and risks

is derived from the same principles as ISO 9001, making it easy to integrate with other standards such as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001

is recognized globally as the best supply chain security management practices for all types and sizes or organizations within all industries

ISO 28000 certification by LRQA focuses on the area and issues important to your business.

At LRQA, we are passionate about what we do, and our reputation in management systems certification is renowned worldwide.

LRQA issued the first ISO 28000 global certificate, and we are a market leader in the provision of ISO 28000 assessment and certification services.

LRQA assessors are industry specialists and experts who are matched with your business needs, enabling an effective and robust assessment of your system.

Our Business Assurance approach ensures our assessments focus on the areas and issues that are important to your business.

Keeping security sensitive material safe and secure

All LRQA personnel that are involved in delivering supply chain security services have been security vetted in line with appropriate national security clearance requirements. LRQA Security staff carry ID cards which are available for confirmation of security clearance; and information regarding the process for security clearance can be obtained on request.

Beyond certification, LRQA provides an extensive range of services to support your business’ future growth and development, including training solutions and integrated management systems assessment.

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