Safety and Environmental Management Systems

SEMS is a regulation (30 CFR 250 Subpart S) in the United States of America which requires all owners / lessees / operators of offshore facilities to develop, implement and maintain an effective Safety and Environmental Management System.

Read below a small independent operator’s feedback on their recently completed SEMS audit:

“Lloyd’s Register performed our recent SEMS audit professionally and comprehensively. The audit report was written very objectively and all findings were substantiated with beneficial evidence. The report will help us develop an effective corrective action plan. We are very appreciative for Lloyd’s Register making what can be an undesirable experience a value added one.”
                                                            - Pat Lee of Fairways Exploration and Production

Implementing SEMS requires an organization to identify aspects of its offshore operations that can impact the safety of its workers and/or the environment and to ensure controls are applied to mitigate such risks, while managing and/or improving performance.

The owner / lessee / operator is required by law to ensure that their SEMS is audited on a three-yearly basis by an accredited third party Audit Service Provider (ASP). LRQA have been accredited by the Center for Offshore Safety (COS) to conduct SEMS audits.

SEMS auditing and certification

Establishing, implementing and maintaining an effective SEMS allows you to: 

  • Meet your legal obligations against the requirements of 30 CFR 250 Subpart S
  • Reduce risk to health, safety and the environment through effective control measures
  • Continually improve and build initiatives into existing business practices
  • Work with your supply chain to place an emphasis on safe and environmentally friendly products and services
  • Reflect industry consensus of good health, safety and environmental practices
  • Raise awareness of workforce and promote a safe working culture

Why Choose LRQA for your SEMS Audit?

A SEMS audit conducted by LRQA enables you to meet your legal obligations and deliver on your commitment to protection of health, safety and the environment while effectively identifying any performance risks or issues within your management system which could have potentially negative impacts for your business. LRQA offers:

  • Trusted experience - More than half of the world’s top 200 companies choose LRQA. Our experts have been at the forefront of standards development and a market leader in management system certification and training for years, and LRQA is only one of five (5) total ASPs that have been accredited by the COS to perform SEMS Audits.
  • Technical expertise – Our assessors and technical specialists are experienced and knowledgeable in both the workings of SEMS and the offshore industry. In addition, LRQA have input into the development of the new API RP 75 revision as a member of the taskforce.
  • Accreditation - LRQA has been independently accredited by the COS to conduct SEMS audits.
  • Proven client satisfaction – Year after year, LRQA clients continue to report overall satisfaction rating of our service and technical support.
  • Impartiality and objectivity – With no shareholders of our own, we are independent and impartial in everything we do. We are committed to acting with integrity and objectivity at all times.
  • Assessment methodology – LRQA helps you manage your systems and risks to improve and protect the current and future performance of your organization. Our approach is built on three pillars and extends the focus beyond the audit process to an assessment approach designed to help organizations meet their strategic objectives.
  • Cost benefits – LRQA internal processes ensure the 3 person audit team requirement is addressed is such a way to ensure a lower audit team count can be utilized as appropriate during certain phases of the audit. The audit team overall makeup will meet the 3 person Audit Team Member requirement.
  • Complexity of Operations – LRQA has the personnel competency and experience to appropriately assess your operations to develop an Audit Plan that will meet or exceed the regulatory requirements.
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