Managed Security Services

Threat Intelligence, Security Operations Center (SOC), Security as a Service

Failure to manage cyber security risks leaves organizations open to cyber-attack and costly data breaches. Managed security services from Nettitude, a member of the LR Group, offer a mixture of proactive and reactive solutions designed to allow you to detect and respond to threats, and manage security technology products more effectively.

What are the benefits?

  • Advanced threat intelligence. The Nettitude Security Operations Center (SOC) is much more than a managed logging service. It’s built around advanced threat intelligence which is integrated with industry-leading technology designed to deliver a highly relevant service.
  • Access to industry experts. Developing internal teams to manage cyber security can be very expensive. It is often difficult to find cyber and information security consultants with the required experience and certifications. Our range of managed services provides you with access to a team of highly skilled consultants who are experts in their field.

Why Choose Nettitude for Managed Security Services?

Managed Security services are delivered by Nettitude using a threat intelligence led approach.

Nettitude, a member of the Lloyd’s Register group, offers award winning cyber security services and our team of experts support clients around the world with Managed Security Services (MSS) through our Security Operations Center (SOC) and team of highly-skilled consultants.

Nettitude not only look at the technology that is implemented into an organization, but also the processes and people behind it too. A holistic approach helps them provide an all-round managed security service.

Defensive and preventive cyber security

Our managed security services are designed to provide both defensive and offensive security, and our team of highly skilled consultants can help you address requirements around defense, incident detection and response.

We deliver a comprehensive set of solutions through Nettitude’s Security Operations Center(SOC), SOC Managed Services and our dedicated Incident Response services.

  • SOC Scanning. Using our team of CREST certified security professionals, we can provide a wide-ranging Continuous Vulnerability Scanning service that utilizes cutting-edge technology to scan your assets and report vulnerabilities.
  • SOC Monitor. 24/7 monitoring services and actionable guidance allow you to quickly find, detect and respond to cyber-attacks and threats that are active in your environment.
  • SOC Manage. SOC Manage is a fully managed security service capable of designing, implementing, monitoring, managing and updating security technology within client environments. This can include security updates, critical patching and assistance with project deployments.
  • Incident Response Managed Services. We have a large team of registered CREST testers and incident response consultants with a range of certified skills to address your requirements and provide support for all phases of the incident lifecycle.

Independent & Impartial

We maintain our independence and impartiality by proactively managing conflicts of interest across all LR businesses including those which may exist between consultancy and third-party certification services.

We will not offer consultancy services for any management system that is in the process of or has completed accredited third-party certification with LR. Further, if we are already providing consultancy services relating to a management system, we will not offer any accredited third-party assessment services.