What’s new in SMETA 6.0?

An interview with Katerina Liana, Area Technical Manager for the Americas at LRQA

In this interview, Katerina Liana explains what changes and updates organizations can expect from SMETA 6.0, the latest version of one of the world’s most widely used ethical audit formats developed by Sedex - the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.

Sedex compiled best practices and techniques used in ethical auditing including the ETI (Ethical Trading Initiative) code along with local regulations and laws that are applicable in each country as measurement tools, to produce the specific SMETA methodology.

Many organizations around the world are looking to SMETA to be part of their responsible sourcing programs because this platform makes it easier for supply chains to share valuable information.

Find out what’s new in SMETA 6.0 and how it could affect your organization including:

  • Human rights awareness
  • New focus on key performance indicators
  • How to prepare for a SMETA audit, what the process involves and who should be included

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