Environmental and Energy management systems

ISO 14001 is the international specification for an environmental management system (EMS) which helps your organization identify, prioritize and manage your environmental risks as part of your normal business practices.

Are you reducing your impacts on the environment?

Climate change, emissions management, and environmental sustainability – these are pressing issues faced by businesses today.  The urgency to address these issues and implement programs to reduce environmental impacts requires people and businesses to make serious changes to their operational behavior.  

This is balanced by the need to ensure that those changes are relevant and offer a true long-term benefit to stakeholders, communities, and ultimately the planet. A credible policy for addressing climate change - verified by a trust, independent body - better prepares your business for the future and raises your reputation as an industry leader. 

Energy Management

Are you looking to improve energy efficiency and performance while reducing environmental impacts? 

Energy management and conservation is a fundamental area of focus across all sectors of industry, and effective energy management is critical for the long term success of any business, regardless of size or industry. Energy Management Systems (EnMS) enable organizations to establish objectives, targets and action plans to improve energy performance, reduce costs and increase energy efficiencies.  

And, implementing an EnMS certified to ISO 50001 will help organizations to: 

  • Make better use of existing energy-consuming assets 
  • Benchmark, measure, document, and report energy intensity improvements and their projected impact on reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 
  • Facilitate transparency and communication of energy resource management 
  • Promote energy management best practices and good energy management behaviors 
  • Evaluate and prioritize the implementation of new energy-efficient technologies 
  • Establish a framework for promoting energy efficiency throughout an organization’s supply chain 
  • Implement energy management improvements in the context of GHG emission reduction projects