eXpedite Fast-Track Medical Device CE Marking in 25 Days

What is eXpedite?

When launching a new medical device to market, we recognize how important deadlines are to you and we understand the impact on your business should your device not reach the market on time. LRQA eXpedite Fast-Track* is our expedited service, promising a 25-day turnaround on our Technical and Design Dossier reviews, ensuring you launch an effective and safe Medical Device on-time and to budget.

Why is eXpedite important?

  • 33% faster than other Fast-Track solutions which offer a 45-day turnaround, which is five days longer than our standard 40-day turnaround.
  • Speedy 25-day turnaround on your reviews help launch your medical devices on time and on budget
  • Provides you the power to stay ahead of your competition
  • Patient Access - with increasing government pressure on medical device manufacturers to provide better healthcare solutions, patient access to new technology is paramount.

*LRQA’s eXpedite services do not guarantee a CE Marking certificate in 25 days, but assures the review process with either a positive or negative recommendation will be complete within that time period. This service excludes reviews outside LRQA’s control (e.g. products containing medicines, animal or blood derivatives).