Food Quality Symposium


Join LRQA at the 8th Annual Food Quality Symposium, this conference features the ideal peer-to-peer networking environment for Top level  executives in Safety, Quality Assurance and many other related fields within the food industry.

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Wednesday, December 7 · 12:05

Can technology help us feed the world? How to work together to produce safe and sustainable food

Vincent Doumeizel, Vice President Food & Beverage, LRQA

The food industry needs to build greater resilience and security into its systems in order to produce the food needed safety and sustainably. It is time for the food industry to find a new model to address these challenges. Possible solutions are now available and include:

  • Digital revolution & food compliance evolution
  • New business model to reach the entire supply chain from farm to fork through remote audits
  • Additional transparency & traceability while costs are decreased
  • A better connected global supply chain with increased interaction capabilities

About Vincent: With 15 years’ experience in Food Safety Certification, Victor joined LRQA in 2015. After earning a degree in economics, Vincent worked for the French government in Africa on a number of agriculture projects; he also carried out humanitarian work in the Middle East and Africa.

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