Seafood Expo North America Conference


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Seaweed: A Very Sustainable Solution to Feed the World of Tomorrow
March 12 – 4:00 pm


Vincent Doumeizel, Vice President – Food & Sustainability at LRQA

Lloyd’s Register Foundation is funding a very disruptive project with Wageningen University to develop seaweed production in the offshore wind farm area in order to enable a sustainable source of food, energy and water. Although seaweed has been used as food for centuries, logistics, multiple uses of the sea space and safety issues have limited large scale production.

The idea of our project, now into its 2nd year, is to enable in 3 pilots around the world the seaweed production in large offshore wind farms area in order to:

  • Avoid parallel activities and benefit from existing infrastructure
  • Leverage on the presence of iron from windfarm infrastructure to boost production

This presentation focuses on seaweed’s potential to help to feed a world of 10Bn people with sustainable and safe food.

About Vincent Doumeizel:

VincentDFollowing a degree in economics, Vincent worked for the French government in Africa on a number of agriculture projects; he also carried out humanitarian work in the Middle East and Africa.
Vincent Doumeizel joined Lloyd’s Register in 2014, as Vice President for Food & Sustainability at group level over 100+ countries and tens of thousands clients.
Vincent also supports actively the charitable objectives of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation (LRF), notably through the identification & funding of innovative projects to mitigate food insecurity as well as through participation to Advisory Boards in various food universities research projects across Europe.
He contributed to the latest LR Foundation Foresight Reviews of Resilience Engineering as well as Blockchains and is a regular speaker at some of the world’s leading events including COP (United Nations) and the Global Food Safety Conference.