Food Safety Supply Chain Conference


Don’t miss our presentation:
Consumer assurance? It’s in our DNA.
June 12 – 2:45 pm

How consumer assurance can deliver brand protection and peace of mind to consumers worldwide.

Consumers want independent assurance that the food they are eating is safe and free from genetic modification, is sustainably sourced and is exactly as it claims to be on the packaging. The latest technology from Clear Labs and DNA1 means that we can now drive consumer trust in brands, while reducing the risk of costly recalls for manufacturers.

When a product displays the DNA1 Assurance mark it also carries a QR Code, consumers can scan this code and instantly view the brand, product name, ‘SKU’ number and batch/lot number that has passed the NGS DNA test for either ‘100% Authenticity’ or ‘Non-GMO’. We believe that putting assurance in consumer’s hands – literally - while they make important choices regarding what their family should eat is of significant value.


Simon Batters, Vice President Technology Solutions

About Simon Batters

Based in California, Simon is an innovative leader with over 25 years International experience within the Assurance and Certification markets.

Simon has held a number of senior LR leadership roles in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America where he is currently specializing in developing Assurance solutions for Industry 4.0.