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Committing to a food safety culture


Educating employees and transforming the individual

Read the newest article by LRQA's Food Safety Expert, Vel Pillay, speaking about the importance of tje culture-based approach to food safety

Article - Committing to a food safety culture

Read the newest article by LRQA's Food Safety Expert, Vel Pillay, with commentary from top global manufacturers on the importance of behavior-based food safety.

The food industry has come a long way in its practices to ensure that the supply of food is safe, and organizations like the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) have been instrumental in promulgating and benchmarking food safety programs to ensure consistent application. However, more needs to be done to gain confidence and trust in the supply chain.

In this article, you will gain an understanding of the importance of a culture-based approach to educating and training employees, and how this can help to change the landscape of food safety and raise the bar to a deeper level of understanding of 'the whole'.

You will learn about:

  • Implementing a coordinated food safety strategy

  • Real world successes from food safety training

  • Integrating the holistic approach, food safety culture and food safety approach

  • Leveraging food safety management systems

  • Implementing an effective training plan