GFSI Applauds New Canadian Policy on Private Certification of Food Facilities

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) applauds the new Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) policy on private certification schemes used by food facilities that was announced earlier this month in Ottawa.

The CFIA acknowledges that private certification schemes, including those recognized by GFSI, can help food facilities meet or exceed regulatory food safety requirements. While the CFIA will remain responsible for verifying compliance of food facilities with the food safety requirements of relevant Canadian food legislation, the new policy enables the CFIA to use the results of private certification to inform its risk-based inspection activities.

"Companies that incorporate food safety management systems into their operations to meet customer requests under GFSI will be well-placed to meet similar requirements under Canadian food safety reforms," said GFSI Board Vice Chair Mike Robach of Cargill, Inc. “Science guides policymakers and industry to the same objective endpoints, leading to greater efficiency, collaboration and, more importantly, 'Safe Food for Consumers, Everywhere' throughout Canada."

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