PG&E Becomes First U.S. Utility to Earn Certification For Supplier Quality Assurance

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announced that Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance, an internationally-known independent management systems assurance firm, has certified the company's Supplier Quality Assurance Department's quality management system to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 standard.

PG&E is the first utility in the United States to earn this certification after a rigorous five-day assessment of the department's quality management system across five Supplier Quality Assurance Department locations showed zero non-compliances.

The assessment by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance determined that PG&E:

  • Holds suppliers to the highest standards so they can deliver safe, reliable and affordable materials that are trouble-free to our company.
  • Has a quality management system that meets the requirements for a proper infrastructure, procedures, processes and resources.
  • Has a goal of purchasing material with zero defects.
  • Has a supplier quality assurance department that has set a target of top decile performance in the utility industry.
  • Has a team that's a trusted advisor to the internal lines of business they support.

"This significant recognition that we've earned further demonstrates the progress we're making in becoming the safest, most reliable utility company in the country. Being recognized by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance has great meaning for PG&E and I'm very proud of our commitment to continuous improvement and product excellence. This is just another example of everyone working together towards building a better California," said Des Bell, PG&E senior vice president of safety and shared services and chief supply officer.

"This third-party independent certification ensures repeatable and sustainable processes that support consistent delivery of the highest service, product quality and customer satisfaction, underpinned with continual improvement. We're proud to have delivered our professional assurance services to PG&E in their initial certification of the Supplier Quality Assurance Department's quality management system," said Chris Koci, president, Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance.

"PG&E has been a highly-valued GE customer for many years. We have come to deeply appreciate and respect PG&E's commitment to safety, quality and environmental stewardship. Together, we have worked towards a better future for our people and our communities," said Richard Quintal, Jacksonville site quality leader, GE Oil & Gas.

"PG&E has raised the level of their suppliers' and manufacturers' quality by demanding and mentoring the same degree of commitment at every level of the supply chain. They have set a standard of documented quality within PG&E for the good of the California communities they serve, the California suppliers they mentor and the industry they lead," said Steve Tomkovicz, president, S&S Supplies and Solutions Inc.

In 2014, Lloyd's Register recertified PG&E's Gas Operations asset management system to the  ISO55001:2014 standard. PG&E was one of the first in the world to hold the ISO55001:2014 and Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 55-1:2008 certifications.

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance is known throughout the world as an organization which aims to enhance the safety of life, property and the environment. This not-for-profit enterprise, which is more than 200 years old, assists companies (through ways such as independent third-party validation and certification) to ensure the quality of construction and operation of critical processes and infrastructure.