FSSC v4: Prevention of Intentional Product Contamination

Addressing Food Fraud Prevention

With the December 2016 release of FSSC 22000 version 4, one of the major elements of the revision included ‘prevention of intentional product contamination’ to improve the ability to address food fraud prevention and even further align with US FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) requirements.

Food Fraud Diagram

How does FSSC 22000 v4 certification address Food Fraud Prevention?

Recent changes in FSSC 22000 new version include Food Fraud Prevention. Companies must include controls to mitigate food fraud. The measures include the following:

Vulnerability assessment:

FSSC 22000 certified organizations must document a procedure and a written assessment on vulnerability. This must identify vulnerability based on likelihood, possible adulterants, industry insights, incidence, etc. There will be raw materials, ingredients or processing aids that are more likely to be adulterated than others.

Preventive measures:

Based on the result of the vulnerability assessment, FSSC 22000 certified organizations must put in place preventive measures to mitigate adulteration. This is expected as a form of a plan in which possible testing methods, frequencies and responsibilities are properly defined. This may be also part of the Supplier program.


The food fraud procedure and assessment must be updated and reviewed once a year or when changes occur (the results of audits or testing may indicate a trend; the use of new technology or testing methods; communication activities and collaboration).

Food Fraud Prevention

FSSC 22000 v4 training and a gap analysis will be extremely beneficial in supporting food safety organizations as they seek FSSC 22000 certification and transition to the new FSSC 22000 v4 requirements.

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