Supply Chain Sustainability: Data & Reporting Verification

As the focus on corporate sustainability practices continues to grow and companies get their greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint under control, they increasing look at their supply chain to do the same.

But while most companies know how to measure their own greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste production, it's a more complicated process to determine the environmental impact attributable to the supply chain.

With a number of schemes now promoting responsible sourcing and with pressure from investors and other stakeholders adding to the urgency, companies are increasingly expected to report – and reduce – their waste, water use and greenhouse gas emissions all the way through their supply chains. In some cases, companies are demanding that their own suppliers meet various schemes for responsible sourcing and sustainability practices as well.

Companies that want to be sure they are on the right track have a number of options for verifying and attesting to their environmental stewardship through the supply chain and LRQA is uniquely positioned to provide that service.

Third-Party Emissions & Sustainability Verification Builds Credibility

At LRQA, we offer assessment and verification services for compliance against a wide variety of standards and criteria, including:

  • ISO 14001
  • SMETA 4 Pillars
  • Carbon Reporting
  • Zero Waste Commitments: including Scope 3 reporting for the supply chain

Going Beyond the Data: Report Verification

Though it's becoming the standard in Europe, not many companies in the US perform report verification.

This is why we offer report verification services. We conduct materiality analysis and verify your corporate sustainability reports, giving you the assurance that your reporting is robust and reliable. Our review includes verification of photographs, written information and examples, data, and an assurance that the overall message of the report is consistent with the direction of your organization through interviews with top management.

We also work with suppliers who need to provide Scope 3 verified data to their customers.

Raise Your CDP Grade

As companies across the globe have come to recognize, expert, independent verification of sustainability data and reporting works to minimize risks, drive improvement, promote better decision-making and reassure stakeholders. Third-party verification of both data and reporting can also raise your grade with organizations like the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a non-profit group that wields investor influence to get companies to report their carbon, energy and water use and incorporate steps to reduce it into their business practices. LRQA is a CDP verification partner.

At LRQA, we bring a track record and a level of expertise to sustainability verification that has brought us clients like Carnival, IHG, Mars, Marriott, New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), Republic, Royal Caribbean, Southern California Gas Company, Waste Management, and Yahoo, among others – who have come to realize that sustainability is not just good for the environment, it's good business.

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