FSSC 22000 Transport & Storage and Catering Certification - LR expands assurance portfolio

Lloyd’s Register (LR) has been approved to deliver FSSC 22000 Transport & Storage and FSSC 22000 Catering certification. These new modules both form a part of the GFSI-recognized FSSC 22000 Food Safety Scheme, which is based on existing ISO standards.

Certification provides a framework for effectively managing an organization's food safety responsibilities. Although the procedures for FSSC modules Transport & Storage and Catering have many similarities with the existing FSSC Food, Feed and Packaging ones, LR is pleased to see that there are some very specific elements which have been brought in to drive food safety across global supply chains and catering outlets.

Organizations involved in food transportation and storage have a responsibility to protect the foods, ingredients and raw or packaging materials from hazards, contamination and adulteration during transport and storage. Similarly, the catering sector faces similar issues, underpinned with a commitment to driving consumer trust.

Being awarded FSSC 22000 certification to the Transport & Storage and Catering modules not only provides a dedicated framework but also transparently demonstrates an organization’s commitment to driving food safety and use of best practices; both modules are a welcome addition to LR’s food assurance services portfolio thereby ensuring that value is continually added further along the food supply chain to the many thousands of clients that LR serves worldwide.

More information about LR’s wide range of food assessment and training services can be found here.