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Standards, schemes and EC directives

We provide sector-specific services for automotive schemes, food schemes, aerospace schemes and many others . LRQA is a notified body for a number of EC Directives . We also deliver tailored assessment services using clients' own standards and requirements, especially supply chain management services.

CIN - ISO/TS 16949 Rules 4th Edition


From April 1, 2014 – the implementation date by which the ‘The Rules for Achieving and Maintaining IATF Recognition ISO/TS 16949 4th Edition’ went into effect – certified organizations are still working to understand the scope of the 4th Edition impacts.


ISO 9001 is currently at FDIS stage of the revisions process and the final FDIS is expected to be published in July 2015. Find out the answers to common questions to help you and your organisation prepare for transition to ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 14001:2015 FAQs

The changes that are being driven by Annex SL are very similar to the ones that have taken place within ISO 9001:2015. Annex SL has led to changes in relation to the term ‘Documented Information’ rather than procedures or records. In addition, Annex SL will lead to the incorporation of the environmental management system (EMS) into the strategic thinking of the organization and increased responsibilities on top management.

Health and safety training

A robust health and safety management system is vital in order to comply with the varying local legislation that is now in place. It is often a legal requirement to develop Health and Safety arrangements and policies. By implementing and continually improving a formal system such as OHSAS 18001, you will progress beyond being legally compliant and improve the operation of your Health and Safety Management Systems.

Climate change training

We provide practical client training courses worldwide in various languages, led by trained and qualified tutors. We offer both public and in-company training events including customised training solutions.