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PAS 223: Managing Food Safety for Packaging

Prerequisite Programs for Food Safety in Packaging

Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 223 has been developed to specify requirements for prerequisite programs of food safety for food and drink packaging design and manufacture and is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO 22000.

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What is PAS 223?

The Publicly Available Specification (PAS) 223 has been developed to specifically address prerequisite programs (PRPs) of food safety for food and drink packaging design and manufacture and is intended to be used in conjunction with ISO 22000, the international management system standard for food safety across the supply chain.

The PRPs to address food safety for PAS 223 include:

• Building design, construction and maintenance
• Control of food safety hazards and potential sources of contamination
• Layout and premises of work spaces
• Internal structures and fittings, including drains, ceilings, fixtures, windows, etc.
• Locations of equipment
• Temporary and mobile structures
• Storage and warehousing
• Utilities, including water supply, air quality and ventilation, compressed air and other gases, and lighting
• Waste, including containers, management and removal, drains and drainage
• Equipment suitability and maintenance, including food packaging contact surfaces and preventive and corrective maintenance
• Purchased materials and supplies, including selection and management and incoming raw materials
• Contamination and migration, including microbiological, physical, chemical and allergen
• Cleaning, including agents, tools, programs and monitoring effectiveness
• Pest control, including programs, prevention, monitoring and eradication
• Personnel hygiene
• Rework and withdrawal
• Consumer awareness
• Food defense, biovigilance and bioterrorism
• Food packaging design and development

Who developed PAS 223?

The Safe Supply of Affordable Food Everywhere (SSAFE) sponsored the development of PAS 223, and a steering group with representatives from SSAFE and The Coca-Cola Company led the technical authoring of the PAS 223 specification.  Additional input from the PAS 223 Steering Group included representatives from the Foundation for Food Safety Certification (FSSC); major international food and beverage companies including Nestle, Danone, Unilever and Kraft; leading packaging suppliers including TetraPAK, Amcor Flexibles, Alpla, Rexam and Owens-Illinois; and representatives of packaging trade associations including the Institute for Packaging Professionals/Food Safety Alliance for Packaging (FSAP).


Certification to PAS 223 + ISO 22000 from LRQA ensures your organization is adopting industry-recognized best practice for the safe design and manufacture of food and drink packaging from a global Business Assurance provider.

In addition, certification from LRQA is credible, independent, respected and is designed to

• greater control and transparency of packaging design and manufacturing processes
• greater confidence in food and drink packaging systems
• consistency across global packaging industry best practices
• greater confidence in food products
• reduced consumer health risks
• improved reputation and brand protection
• improved supply chain management
• cost savings through process efficiencies and streamlined assessments
PAS 223 + ISO 22000 certification also forms the basis for continual improvement and
benchmarking on a global level.

How can LRQA help?

Already certified to ISO 22000?
LRQA can provide a gap analysis and assessment to PAS 223 to help you achieve certification.

Not yet certified to ISO 22000?
If you’re uncertain about the process to transition your existing food safety system, LRQA can perform a gap analysis to help you determine your best route to ISO 22000 + PAS 223 certification. Following a successful assessment, we can then certify you to ISO 22000 + PAS 223.

Achieving FSSC 22000 certification
It is anticipated that over time FSSC 22000 will extend its scope to include packaging material manufacturing thereby adding PAS 223 to its certification scheme. Once this occurs, for packaging material manufacturers who hold an ISO 22000 + PAS 223 certificate at that time, LRQA can upgrade your certificate to FSSC.

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