ISO 14001:2015 Appreciation & Internal Auditor

ISO 14001 Appreciation & Internal AuditorISO 14001 Appreciation & Internal Auditor
3 Days 

Maximize your learning and your time when you take advantage of an additional day of insight through dynamic Audit and Business Improvement training as part of this select course package.

This course package combines…

ISO 14001 Appreciation (Day 1) 

ISO 14001 Internal Auditor (Day 2 & 3) 

Why combine Appreciation and Internal Auditor?  An Appreciation courses provides you with the foundational information to understand environmental management systems and how process effectiveness directly links with business performance.  In an Internal Audit course, you’ll learn how to audit processes for effectiveness and efficiency.

You will learn…

DAY 1:  

  • the value of an effective EMS and its contribution to your business 
  • the purpose and intent of ISO 14001 and its relationship to other standards 
  • essential definitions and terminology to help you interpret and apply ISO 14001 requirements 
  • the key requirements of ISO 14001 and how they relate to each other 
  • how to determine environmental aspects and impacts 
  • the importance and relevance of environmental legislation

DAY 2 & 3: 

  • the purpose, intent and key requirements of ISO 14001 
  • the business benefits of implementing an EMS and the background to ISO 14001
  • the contribution internal EMS audits can make to the effectiveness of your management system 
  • the roles and responsibilities of an Internal EMS Auditor 
  • how to plan your audits by developing effective checklists 
  • how to verify that current practice in your organization conforms with defined requirements 
  • that auditing for conformity can improve the stability and robustness of management systems 
  • to gather objective evidence through observation, interviewing and sampling of documentation 
  • to report findings accurately 
  • what corrective action is and who is responsible for taking action 
  • how to follow up and verify the effectiveness of corrective action taken

Your future development…

Course length

  • Three days

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