ISO 50001 Lead Auditor

You need this course if…

  • you want to audit Energy Management Systems against ISO 50001 requirements 
  • you are responsible for energy management within an organization

You will learn...

  • how to describe and identify the relationship and differences between a range of audit types 
  • how to relate the auditing process to the management of energy use and consumption 
  • how to identify key pieces of energy legislation and define their relevance in the context of energy auditing
  • the roles, responsibilities of auditors, lead auditors, audit teams and other relevant bodies 
  • how to plan, initiate, implement, manage, monitor and review audit programmes 
  • to identify and describe the requirements of the standards against which an EnMS audit is performed 
  • how to collect evidence, exercise objectivity and make judgement on significance of observations made 
  • how to evaluate and report the results of an Energy Management System audit 
  • the business benefits of implementing an EnMS and the background to ISO 50001 
  • essential definitions to help you interpret and audit ISO 50001 requirements 
  • the purpose, intent and key requirements of ISO 50001 and similarities with other management systems 
  • the contribution that audits make to the effectiveness of a management system 
  • how to determine significant energy uses 
  • the importance and relevance of knowing your significant energy uses and energy legislation 
  • how to plan your audits 
  • that auditing for conformity can improve the stability and robustness of management systems 
  • to gather objective evidence through observation, interviewing and reviewing documentation 
  • to report findings accurately against the requirements of ISO 50001, write and grade non-conformity reports and evaluate proposals for corrective action 

You will need...

  • knowledge and understanding of ISO 50001 and experience of auditing 
  • Knowledge of key energy management principles 
  • ideally to have attended our Internal ISO 50001 EnMS Auditor course 
  • to understand the basics of how organizations work and the role of top management 

Your future development...

Course length

  • Five days
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