New Environmental Systems Manager + Problem Solving Tools & Techniques

Maximize your learning and your time when you take advantage of an additional day of insight through dynamic Business Improvement training as part of this select course package. 

This course package combines...

  • New Environmental Systems Manager (Day 1, 2 & 3) 
  • Problem Solving Tools & Techniques (Day 4)

Why combine Problem Solving Tools & Techniques with New Environmental Systems Manager?  Our New Environmental Systems Manager courses offers insight into how to fulfil your role as a Systems Manager, how to form a robust system, plan and manage your internal audit activities, and implement effective corrective action.  Add a Problem Solving Tools & Techniques course to this, and you’ll walk away having learned how to practically apply problem solving frameworks using the 8D approach, and how to use corrective and preventive processes more effectively to drive improvement in your organization.

In this course package, you will learn...

DAYS 1- 3: 

  • how to fulfil the role of an Environmental Systems Manager and manage your systems effectively 
  • the requirements of ISO 14001 and how they relate to each other to form a robust system 
  • the need for documenting systems, processes and typical methods 
  • to develop environmental policies and objectives that support your business 
  • to plan and manage your internal environmental auditing activities 
  • how to eliminate the causes of problems through effective corrective action 
  • to develop an appropriate management review process and implement processes for continual improvement 
  • what to expect from third party assessment

DAY 4:

  • the correct definitions of corrective and preventive action and how and when they are applicable 
  • what management controls are and their contribution to effective preventive action 
  • to use a structured approach to address problems in your organization including the 8D approach 
  • how to select and apply appropriate tools and techniques to problem solving and improvement 
  • to assess how effective your corrective and preventive action has been

Your future development...

  • ISO 14001 Internal Auditor 
  • ISO 14001 Lead Auditor 
  • Audit Report Writing 
  • Integrated Systems courses

Course length

  • Four days

Total course CPDs: 

  • 26 Hours

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