Customized Training and Assurance

We provide customized assurance services such as certification and verification along with tailored training solutions to companies who require customized services suited to the needs of their organizations.

Businesses often need confirmation that organizational objectives and plans are being achieved. Our range of services within this arena provide organizations with an additional layer of assurance that they are operating effectively and efficiently, and help them to identify where improvement is needed.


Organizational Benefits

Our customized training and assurance services provide organizations with a range of benefits including:

  • An additional level of assurance to internal and external stakeholders that you are operating to the highest standards
  • Brand reputation
  • Delivering against any Corporate Social Responsibility commitments through customized verification of reporting
  • Competitive advantage through the identification of areas for improvement
  • Employee engagement through our range of customized training services

Following initial investigation and discussion, each business solution is designed specifically for your organization. This maybe to utilize an existing standard or it could be the development of a customized scheme, which includes one of our extensive business improvement tools.

Our customized training and assurance services include:

  • Customized training
    • We can tailor our training services to meet your specific organizational requirements including both on-site and e-learning options
  • Second party auditing
  • Developing a customized standard or scheme
  • E-learning solutions
  • Output conformity review, process assessment, pinch-point management and upstream failure point assessment
    • All processes should have defined results to ensure they can be monitored and managed. We use your expected process results to assess conformity and compliance, ensuring effective performance management and improvement
  • Change management assessment
    • Change is necessary in any business to ensure market lead, customer satisfaction and to grow and prosper. Assessing effectiveness allows you to identify where improvement is needed to ensure results are achieved.

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