Supply Chain Assurance

Your supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

It is becoming increasingly important for organizations to control the key risks and complexities within their supply chain. Complex supply chains - which can often span multiple countries and continents - present a significant element of risk to any organization.

The primary risks relate to whether companies in your supply chain have an effective risk programme that is supportive of your organizations regulations. To remain competitive and profitable, stringent supply chain management is necessary. Your supplier’s success or failure rate can impact your organizations reputation, brand value and legislation compliance.

In parallel, Supply Chain Information Assurance and Third Party Management is a growing area of focus, given the recent rise in outsourcing, the emergence of cloud-based computing and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies. These factors alone are making it increasingly difficult for organizations to protect one of their most valuable assets – data.

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Organizational Benefits

Our tailored client-specific assessment solutions give you an additional level of assurance over and above your certified management system(s). This approach provides you with the confidence that organizations serving your supply chain are consistently operating to your own high specifications.

  • Manage supply chain risk
  • Identify areas for improvement
  • Brand reputation and stakeholder engagement
  • Ethical sourcing of suppliers
  • Data analysis and insight to drive competitive advantage

This is why organizations take supply chain management and assurance seriously. Effective supply chain management can be challenging, whether your concerns are sustainable supply, identification and validation of your suppliers or ethical supply, LRQA can support organizations to identify and mitigate any potential risks and provide the assurance required to push forward with supply chain strategies.

Following initial investigation and discussion, LRQA can help design a business solution that is developed specifically for your organization, ensuring the assurance service is built around your own business needs.

Much can be done to enable organizations to effectively reduce risk within their supply chain, while leveraging the substantial opportunities created by a successful supply chain.

Our supply chain assurance services include:

  • Supplier verification
  • Ethical and sustainable supply
  • Data protection
  • Customized 2nd party supply chain assurance scheme to include both on site and remote delivery capabilities
  • Trend analysis and therefore better insights using supply chain assurance data
  • Government services
  • Product return assessments

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