Customized Assurance Services

Managing Your Requirements, Your Risks and Your Reputation

  • Are you confident in your processes, your suppliers and your business performance?
  • Do you have confidence that your operations or your suppliers are compliant with your requirements?
  • Do you have assurance of your management, processes and operational effectiveness?
  • Are you aware of where your risks lie and the key processes you employ to control them?

LR’s Customized Assurance Services take all of these concerns and more into account, ensuring your requirements are met and your best interests are protected. 
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Your business is unique. Its needs, goals and objectives are different than any other organization. This differentiates you and gives you business advantage, but it also requires a customized approach to the way your business processes and programs are identified, managed, measured and improved upon.

Whether you strive for quality, environmental sustainability, food safety, social responsibility, health and safety, business continuity, security or even supply chain assurance, the ways in which your organization manages these programs and the methods by which their performance is measured likely require a customized approach – one that takes into account the specific business needs and objects of your organization.

You may have already developed or wish to develop your own company-specific standard and you may be looking to benchmark against international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 or OHSAS 18001. Whichever route you have taken or are about to will require regular, impartial assessment and verification to help assure your requirements are being met, that your risks are being managed effectively, and that your reputation is being protected.

Customized Assurance Benefits Your Business

LR provides Customized Assurance Services to help ensure that your assurance programs are effective, efficient, and fully aligned to enable seamless operational delivery and performance – throughout your organization and your supply chain.

Customized Assurance is tailored to your requirements.

Through our Customized Assurance Services, our assessments – and the assessment criteria – are individually designed to give you assurance across the areas that are important to you.

Customized Assurance provides impartiality when you need it most

With LR, you have a trusted brand and the assurance of objective, high quality insight and intelligence together with a clear picture of compliance levels throughout your organization and supply chain. Our worldwide reputation for rigorous assessment and value-added insight makes us a natural partner for companies that are seeking continual improvement and competitive advantage.

Customized Assurance offers an opportunity to assess your business risks and requirements worldwide

LR has assessment teams deployed globally through one of the world’s most comprehensive assessment resource networks. We have the expertise and local resources available to cover the assessment of all aspects of your business risks and requirements worldwide. We are located on every continent, providing local intelligence of assessment practices and conformance issues.

Customized Assurance offers efficiency and lets you focus on managing your business.

Let’s face it. Your organization isn’t in the business of conducting assessments, but LR is and has been at the forefront of developing criteria and delivering trusted, unbiased and independent assessments worldwide for over 25 years. With LR, you’ll have assurance from expert assessors trained to meet your requirements, enabling you to focus on managing your business.

Customized Assurance Services In Action

From the start, LR will work with you to understand your assurance needs, expectations and requirements. We’ll then work together to assure you have the right program in place to meet these business needs, identifying a suitable approach to assessment, criteria, methodology and reporting.

Next Steps

Let LR work with you to identify a customized solution to meet your assurance needs. For over 25 years, we’ve been involved in creating global standards and processes that enable businesses to make real, measurable differences in protecting their products, their brand and their consumers.