What our clients say about LRQA

At LRQA, we’re passionate about what we do. We work hard to apply our expertise to help make our clients’ management systems more efficient and effective. View our clients' comments about the service we provide.

"I completed the training ISO 9001:2015 for Internal Auditors – online version and found it to be highly beneficial as well as user friendly. The modules allowed time to complete the course in small sections and eliminated the need to take off time for travel or full days of course work. I had previously received the same training through another online company but did not feel I gained a high level knowledge of the changes to be successful. LRQA’s online training does an excellent job of reviewing the changes and providing interactive examples to ensure competency. As the lead for our internal auditor team I enrolled all auditors in this training. In my experience, this training will provide the tools to allow for an in-depth review of our programs and ensure their effectiveness. "

- Barb Wieczorek, Quality Assurance Program Leader, Dupont Industrial Biosciences

"Thank you LRQA Team for getting our audit scheduled and completed. It was truly a very insightful experience. The LRQA assessor’s auditing skills are top notch. I have been involved in ISO, QS and TS quality systems for 25 years, and Faisal was by far the most thorough auditor I have had the pleasure to work with. His knowledge of the standard and auditing experience will truly make our systems better."

– Jeff Hensley, Business Unit Director, Anderson Fittings

"We believe that LRQA’s audit of our facilities is a very important foundation to support our credibility in the marketplace."

- Richard I. Mueller, P.E., President and CEO, American Concrete Pressure Pipe Association

"Owen has a thorough knowledge of the course content. He made a daunting, complex topic into concepts that were easier for everyone to understand. I am positive he has made a lasting impression on everyone who attended his course. Thank you, Owen!"

- Vanessa D' Cruz, Senior Q.A. Manager, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company

"The Auditors understanding of the standard and best practices in the industry has been invaluable. The insight regarding Continuous Improvement helps us look at some things with an outside, but experienced perspective."

- Dan Doktor, Senior Quality Engineer, STEMCO

"I recently began searching for an FSSC 22000 training provider. Although I work and reside in Islamabad, Pakistan, my research clearly led me to LRQA North America and, specifically, the FSSC 22000 Lead Auditor course recently held in Chicago, Illinois. After participating in the course, I can testify that it was definitely worth travelling around the globe to attend. The rich global experience and practical approach of the trainer, combined with the well-designed and delivered course, have clarified the clauses of the ISO 22000 standard and broadened the vision of the participants to interpret it, compelling them to think outside the box with a holistic approach to addressing food safety risks."

- Shahzad Khalid, United Registrar of Systems, Islamabad, Pakistan

"Our LRQA assessors are very knowledgeable, professional and highly competent. They clearly demonstrate supporting and guiding us in our performance improvement efforts."

- Madan Naidu, Director Global Quality , LRQA client

"We are a better company because of our relationship with LRQA."

- Mike DelSignore , General Manager, Grede Marion

"The audit process and communication during the audits have helped us understand our strengths and weaknesses. We have become more efficient and reduced our ‘in-house’ scrap rate and have a much better understanding of ‘continuous improvement’."

- Mark Mulvanity, Vice President, Proteus Mfg. Co., Inc.

"Due to the unique nature of our industry and processes, it is imperative for your Registrar to have a good understanding of your business. LRQA has been that critical partner to us. Over the years the experiences and improvement suggestions LRQA brought in, has been instrumental in taking our Quality Systems to the next level."

- Uri Abrams, President, PD-LD Inc.

"Greno Industries, Inc. has used LRQA exclusively since our original ISO 9001 certification in 1994. LRQA’s knowledge, assistance, and familiarity of our company has been instrumental in allowing us to remain on point with standard and thereby ensuring our continued presence in the precision machining and manufacturing community."

- Bill Slocum , QA Manager , Greno Industries, Inc.

"Our company recently held on site training for both the ISO 14001 Appreciation & Interpretation and Internal ISO 14001 EMS Auditor courses here at our facility. The courses were not only key to our successful EMS certification, but also beneficial in positively impacting our Quality Management System, as well."

-Stephen E. Goode, Quality Assurance Manager, Shultz Steel Company

"Lapp Holding, N.A. holds an ISO9001:2008 multi-site certificate with offices in New Jersey, Minnesota, Canada and Mexico. LRQA assessors offer insight and knowledge of our business which enables us to continually improve our processes.

Our Lead Auditor was able to quickly comprehend our needs in establishing a multi-site certificate and his superior knowledge of the ISO9001:2008 standard resulted in a smooth and successful certification for all our subsidiaries. All of our assessors are extremely helpful in developing and sustaining our Quality Management System.

Our LRQA Certified Management Systems provides Lapp Holding, N.A. the confidence that we are supplying our customers the very best product and services the industry has to offer. "

- Darlene McBride , Quality Director , N.A., Lapp Holding, N.A. (Lapp USA, Lapp Cable Works, Lapp Systems, Lapp Tannehill, Lapp Mexico and Lapp Canada)

"Our LRQA Assessor’s thorough approach, outstanding ability and clear communications style have helped Mars understand how we can ensure our management systems provide maximum benefit to our organization and our customers. As a result of our Assessor’s insight, we’re in a better position to improve our ability to continue to provide safe, quality food products and manage potential risks."

- Tim Ahn, Global Chocolate Quality and Food Safety Director, Mars, Inc

"We value the relationships that we’ve built with LRQA, and we continue to be satisfied with friendly, timely and courteous service. We appreciate the time the LRQA team dedicates to supporting ONGUARD and understanding our business needs. Our LRQA Assessor always provides thorough assessments of our quality management system, and his experience and insight of our business, the industry and ISO 9001 have kept ONGUARD ahead of changes to the standard and enabled us to identify opportunities to enhance our QMS"

- Jim Gorham, Quality Coordinator , ONGUARD Industries

"Since choosing LRQA in 1998, our sales have increased every year and our processes have improved, due in part to our certification. Based on our clients’ feedback, our quality continues to improve, and LRQA and their assessors have been instrumental in this process."

- Harvey H. Homsey, Vice President - Franchise Systems, Express Employment Professionals

"Our LRQA assessor was able to quickly comprehend our system. His superior technical and interpretive knowledge of ISO 14001, coupled with his personal interest, resulted in a smooth transition to certification. Our account manager has been both friendly and accommodating, and the entire LRQA team has been professional and supportive of our continued success."

- Jim Sohn, Environmental Compliance Manager, Thales Communications, Inc.

"The success we’ve accomplished in improving our quality system is attributed in part to the LRQA approach for Business Assurance. The assessments are well-planned and target areas that are important to our stakeholders. The executive reports validate our quality and environmental systems and provide fuel for continuous improvement."

- Greg James, Quality Manager, ThyssenKrupp Elevator

"The knowledge and professionalism of our assessor has enabled us to consistently grow and improve. We value and look forward to our continual partnership with LRQA."

- Michael T. McGillis, Quality Manager, Seaway Plastics Engineering, Inc.

"Our LRQA assessor has been extremely helpful in the development of our ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. His knowledge of the standard and effectiveness of the “Themed” Audits have helped Kalmar RT Center continue improvement in all Business Process Areas. Our assessor consistently provides excellent insight for continual improvement, not just “compliance with the standard”, and has shared his process knowledge with personnel at all levels within the organization. Our assessor and LRQA  are valuable assets to our goal of continued process improvement and, as stated in our Quality Policy, – Establishing “EXCELLENCE” as our Quality Standard."

- Graeme McWilliams, ISO / Configuration Manager, Kalmar RT Center

"LRQA's Business Assurance helps Cargill look at, through a third-party, how we are delivering on our commitment to our customers."

- Mark Overland, Director Global Certification, Cargill

"Broderson Manufacturing Corporation anticipates significant improvements in our inventory process by at least 200 hours of labor per year thanks to our LRQA Assessor’s insight and expertise."

- Larry L. Hayes, VP Manufacturing and Supply Chain, Broderson Manufacturing Corp.

"Our LRQA Assessor has perhaps the most extensive knowledge and insight of the ISO 14001 standard than any other auditor I have worked with."

- Greg Stubbs, Corporate Manager, Sustainability & HSE Process Innovation, Dresser-Rand Company

"LRQA assessors offer insight and knowledge of our business which ensures that we continually improve, making Ajax Rolled Ring and Machine better at what we do."

- Jerry Smith, Development Manager, Ajax Rolled Ring and Machine

"We consider our LRQA certified management system an absolute necessity."

- Gregory Nielsen, Directory of Operations, Haemonetics Corporation

"Our LRQA certified management system gives Velcon the confidence that we are supplying our customers with the very best quality and service."

- Brenda Turner, Industrial Engineer, Velcon Filters LLC

"LRQA certification lends credibility to Precision’s management system and reflects our efforts to bring quality products to our customers."

- Chris Musemeche, Quality Coordinator, Precision Flange and Machine, Inc.

"Our LRQA Assessor’s experience and knowledge help Georgia Power continually grow and improve."

- Michael Dalton, Meter Specialist, Georgia Power Company

"It is a pleasure to convey our highest degree of respect for our LRQA Assessor. Aleut Management Services is proud to be associated with LRQA and will remain a loyal client for years to come."

- Mike Mikita, President, Aleut Management Services

"LRQA provides Diversapack with an independent view of our business processes and specific market advantage that our customers recognize."

- Ed Hall, Quality Manager, Diversapack, LLC

"We have a new employee who was unfamiliar with the assessment process, and our LRQA Assessor took the time to ensure our employee understood why and how each step was important. It was very helpful for the new staff member to hear this for the first time from a creditable source."

- Jeff Saeger, Quality Engineer/Manager, IWG High Performance Conductors, Inc.

"John Crane is LRQA certified to ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001, and ISO 14001 at over 30+ sites. Without fail LRQA has serviced our account in a professional, courteous and responsive manner. We value our relationship with LRQA and look forward continuing the partnership."

- Todd King, Director of Quality – Americas, John Crane, Inc.

"Our assessor was highly knowledgeable and helpful during both the gap analysis visit and the final audit. Without her support and advice, it is doubtful we would have had a strong enough system in place to achieve certification."

-Roy Andrews, Health and Safety Advisor, Coors Brewers

"In our view, ISO 14001 isn’t a destination – it’s a direction, so we are really excited about the future. We feel that we have created an innovative, robust but flexible, environmental management system that will take us beyond merely fulfilling our environmental responsibilities. The expertise and insight that LRQA have shown throughout the certification process has been invaluable to us. Our partnership with LRQA has ensured that our environmental and sustainability management system is making a measurable difference and improving our environmental performance."

-Perry, Environmental Compliance Manager, Sound Transit

"LRQA’s instructor, Gregg Orth, made the internal auditing class extremely enjoyable. His life and work experiences can't be learned from a book and the way he deals with interesting, sometimes difficult personalities, is a joy to watch. Everyone in attendance seemed to not only enjoy the class, but they also learned important information about the ISO standard and the proper way to audit. We have a much better understanding of our path to certification and the next few months will be exciting as we close the gaps in preparing for LRQA's next visit."

-Randy, GMP / Quality Coordinator, ExxonMobil

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks for LRQA assessor Bob Schmidt's very active and precise assessment of Asurion's Technology and Logistics Center. The Senior Management team also expresses their sincere appreciation for LRQA's efforts as well. The skill in conduction this assessment (as well as all of the others in the past) was very much appreciated by those representing all functions within the TLC. Your approach and demeanor was always professional, courteous, and respectful to all you had the opportunity to interact with. Again, thanks so much for your enthusiastic and expert assessment at our facility. I have no doubt that it would not have been the success that it was without your keen nurturing, guidance and support in the months preceding this audit."

-Director, Quality Assurance, Asurion, TLC

"Ms. Chambre is one of the best instructors I have come in contact with in my personal, corporate and military careers. Denise's complete knowledge of the ISO standard coupled with her outstanding teaching abilities make her a superior asset to LRQA and the companies who experience her training. She can ensure that her students understand the required subject material without compromising the ISO standard, and her superior knowledge of the ISO standard ensures consistent presentations to any level of student she is instructing. I highly recommend Ms. Chambre to any company who wants their employees to fully understand the ISO standard she teaches."

- Northrop Grumman

"Dear Mr. Smith,

Thank you so much for joining us last week for the media event announcing Sound Transit's receipt of ISO 14001 certification for the system we use to manage our environmental program. We are proud to be the Northwest's only transit agency - and one of the only six nationwide - to accomplish this goal.

More importantly, we are pleased that this provided an opportunity for Sound Transit to talk publicly about the aggressive, multi-pronged effort underway to conserve resources and incorporate sustainability into the way we do business across the board.

Your participation at last week's event helped raise the visibility of both our certification and the breadth of our environmental program. We very much appreciate it. "

- Cheif Executive Office, Sound Transit

"LRQA has been a key partner in the maintenance and continual improvement of Dow Automotive’s quality and environmental management systems. Their receptiveness to new approaches has allowed improvements beyond normal certification expectations. The annual reports have been particularly helpful in leveraging improvements across not only Dow Automotive but The Dow Chemical Company. The quality of the LRQA team addressing our management systems and certification needs, in particular the lead assessors and regional coordinators have been excellent, resolving issues promptly. The LRQA/Dow interface team has continued to improve our mutual work processes. Most importantly our customers and other external stakeholders continue to experience the benefit of a well managed and audited business management system."

- Dow Automotive Management Systems

"Carnival Cruise Lines worked very closely with Lloyd's Register on our ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications, which continue our company's efforts at developing and implementing processes and procedures to enhance the support provided to our fleet and protect the world's important natural resources. Carnival is committed to continual growth in our environmental preservation initiatives and truly appreciates Lloyd's Register's role in this critical component of our business."

- Captain & Director, safety management system and quality assurance, Carnival Cruise Lines

"We perceive LRQA more as a 'business partner' than a 'service provider'. There has always been a personalized follow-up by our assessor, always professionally keeping us abreast of development and information regarding our certification. We value LRQA's partnership in helping us improve and focus our efforts related to the management of the environmental activities of the Panama Canal Authority"

- Environmental Protection Specialist, Panama Canal Authority