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ISO Certification, Audits & More

Remote Audits: ISO Certification & more.

Remove geographical boundaries and minimize disruption to your organization.

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Remote auditing of your management systems offers more flexibility and less disruption, with no compromise on outcomes. Our global network of trusted experts connect with your site and team members remotely to deliver your audit - reducing on-site disruption, the need for travel and impact on the environment.

Remote auditing allows our experts to review documentation, conduct interviews and site tours using technology. Remote audits can also be co-witnessed by multiple stakeholders within your business, who can also interact with auditors via a live stream.

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  • What are the benefits?

    Fast & Flexible

    • Audit dates can be agreed and delivered quickly, minimising any potential onsite disruption.
    • Increased access to technical experts globally, with multiple stakeholder participation now possible.
    The auditors were brilliant – flexible with terms of reference and timings to speak to people in the business.

    Nadine Morrison

    QHSE Lead, PDMS Group


    Safe & Sustainable

    • Reduced health and safety risks for people travelling to hazardous or hard to reach locations.
    • Less travel means a smaller carbon footprint and a more environmentally friendly delivery method.
    It was more sustainable and saved more time by limiting the amount I needed to travel.

    Marek Mamak

    Quality & Compliance, Yusen Logistics (Poland)


    Excellence & Expertise

    • Audit outcomes and accredited certification are maintained by robust processes and technical expertise.
    • Delivered through secure, easy-to-use, online platforms to protect your information and the integrity of your audit.
    The remoteness did not detract from the level of depth of auditing delivered. It felt much like any other audit.

    Carol Sparkes

    Process Assurance Consultant, Comms-care LTD

  • How does it work?

    Step 1: Planning

    Our team will have a conversation with you to understand your requirements and technology requirements to make sure we take the right approach for your remote audit.

    Step 2: Test

    If necessary, we will conduct a test with you before the audit, ensuring the smooth delivery of your audit on the day.  

    Step 3: Remote audit

    On the agreed time and date, we will undertake the audit as planned. Using tools such as video conferencing and file and screen sharing to obtain evidence demonstrating that your management system is both compliant and effective.

    Step 4: After the remote audit

    We will share the outcomes and findings with you in the form of an e-report. Where a certificate of approval is issued this will follow the standard technical review process. 

    Step 5: Follow-up

    In the event of any nonconformities being raised, wherever possible we will carry out a remote review of corrective and preventive action.

  • Technology

    During the audit: Our auditors are trained on several platforms, including Microsoft Teams and our own LRQA Remote app, which we offer for audits that include a higher degree of complexity. We are flexible with the tools we use and will work with you to choose the right application for your remote audit whilst maintaining the security and confidentiality of the data and information shared with us.

    After the audit: We will only retain information that is necessary to demonstrate compliance with our independent accreditation requirements. The data is processed and stored in a secure cloud environment. Our own Operating Systems have been approved under the UK Cyber Essentials Plus scheme. Details of the security controls used by our third-party partners can be found here.

  • Applicability

    Our remote audits comply with relevant accreditation bodies requirements, where applicable, giving you the confidence in our ability to provide expert guidance and support.

    We can provide accredited remote audits against the following standards:


    Remote Audit?


    ISO 9001


    At least 50% where Stage 2 duration is at least 2 days

    ISO 14001


    At least 50% where Stage 2 duration is at least 2 days

    ISO 50001


    30% unless there is approval in place by the Accreditation Body

    ISO 27001


    At least 50% where Stage 2 duration is at least 2 days

    ISO 22301


    At least 50% where Stage 2 duration is at least 2 days

    ISO 20000-1


    Documented justification for over 30%. Does not require Accreditation Body approval in advance

    ISO 55001


    At least 50% where Stage 2 duration is at least 2 days

    ISO 28000/ 28007


    At least 50% where Stage 2 duration is at least 2 days

    ISO 13485


    At least 50% where Stage 2 duration is at least 2 days. Restrictions may apply if delivered in conjunction with MDSAP.

    ISO 45001 / OHSAS 18001


    At least 50% where Stage 2 duration is at least 2 days. The central function must be audited annually. 

    ISO 22000


    Remote audits can be done except for Stage 2.

    Other products authorised by UKAS such as NHSS, CMS etc


    At least 50% where Stage 2 duration is at least 2 days

    2nd Party Non-Accredited Food Sector Audits


    LRQA has the capability to offer a range of desktop audits and remote assessments for farms, food manufacturers, warehouses and retailers.

    Assessments are based on individual customers' needs. 


    Yes, restricted and in part

    See current standard guidance here.



    Partial remote audits can be done in special circumstances, following a Risk Assessment, for surveillance and certification renewal purposes, within the six-month postponement period. 


    Yes, restricted and in part

    See current standard guidance here.


    Yes, restricted and in part

    See current standard guidance here.

    AS9100 series



    IATF 16949










Remote audit

We have adopted a digital approach which means we can continue to look after your interests – helping you maintain high standards and secure your certification. This means that wherever possible, we will deliver our audits remotely, using the power of technology to make the audit as effective and efficient as possible for you. Through our unique Client Portal, we give you access to all of your audit data including audit planning and reports, certificates of approval and analysis of your audit findings which provides you with greater insight into your system.

Ready for Remote Audit? Contact our team to discuss your requirements. 

Remote Assurance from LRQA

Why work with LRQA?

Deep technical and industry knowledge

Our auditors are industry experts who work with you to understand what helps your business operate at its optimum level. They apply their deep technical expertise to create long-lasting value through collaboration, delivering a greater impact on your business, your people and your customers.

Technical expertise

Our people are sector experts. They bring with them a clear understanding of your specific challenges, standards and requirements – then deploy deep knowledge of inspection, certification, assurance, cybersecurity and training to help you meet them.


We’re committed to doing things the right way to reach the highest standards and best outcomes for all, giving you confidence in our decisions every time.

Dedication to assurance

We explore every problem thoroughly with exact, analytical precision. We leave no stone unturned and no questions unanswered, to draw accurate conclusions.

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